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Become a Reebok Product Tester to get a sneak peek at the products of the future! Those who have a passion for sports, fashion, and the Reebok brand are encouraged to apply. 15. BzzAgent

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Membership is free to anyone living within the continental U.S. I've read numerous reviews of boxes being sent late and a dwindling sample supply that cannot keep up with the demand. Get paid to review on your blog

The Jail: 60 Days In has one of the most audacious set-ups in the history of documentary shows. Simply put, each season sees a group of people volunteer to go undercover as convicts in a tough US jail. 'One of the most surprising things was how many folks were willing to put aside their lives for two months to participate in a program like this.'

How to use your rewards Rewards on both cards can be redeemed for cash back, travel and to offset Amazon purchases at equal valuations (1 cent per point). There are other perks, too, such as no foreign transaction fees, extended warranty coverage, purchase protection, baggage delay insurance and more.

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